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Le Mans Legend 2015
Drivers: Diogo Ferrao, Martin Stretton

Martin Stretton - Ford GT40 and Many Other Cars

"GSD's work has repeatedly provided a huge cost saving with chassis development when their recommendations have been applied to cars I have tested. The correlation between GSD's analysis and what I feel the car actually doing on the track is quite remarkable. In addition, the CFD work James (Ayari) carried out on alternative aero configurations enabled us to maximise performance in a very short space of time"

Steve Hartley - 1982 Arrows A4 Formula One

“We race a pair of ground effect Arrows A4 F1 cars in the Grand Prix Masters and FIA Historic F1 series. Competition is becoming increasingly stiff and we felt that we weren’t extracting all the potential from the cars. GSD RaceDyn undertook a full engineering analysis and ran simple, low cost - but effective - aerodynamic tests on an airfield. GSD gave detailed recommendations. The cars are now substantially faster and much nicer to drive. The improvement in high speed corners is awesome!"