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Understanding vehicle dynamics, and how it affects the performance & handling of your car can be a very challenging task.


Experienced Vehicle Dynamics Engineers at GSD RaceDyn are here to help, with a number of vehicle dynamics and aerodynamics consultancy services available in order to extract maximum performance and competitiveness from your car.


The services GSD RaceDyn offers encompass more than just vehicle dynamics - also including aerodynamics analysis, laptime simulation, and race strategy services. GSD RaceDyn even offer trackside support. What GSD RaceDyn can offer you is outlined in more detail below.


Vehicle Dynamics Analysis

Package ‘A’ - Vehicle Dynamics Analysis and Recommendations

  • Geometry and Kinematics Analysis and Settings
  • Braking Analysis
  • Ride Frequencies Analysis
  • Spring and Anti-Roll Bars Measurement
  • Tyre Spring Rate Analysis
  • Damping Analysis
  • Steady-State, Mid Corner Analysis
  • Roll Analysis
  • Stability Analysis
  • Steady-State, Corner Exit Phase Stability Analysis
  • Springs, Anti-Roll Bars and Dampers -  Design and Settings
  • Basic Bump Steer Assessment
  • 12 Page Report, including Analysis Results and Recommendations

Further Vehicle Dynamics Analysis

(Assumes Package ‘A’ Completed)

  • Complete 3 Dimensional Steering Geometry Analysis
  • Bump Steer Analysis
  • Ackermann Geometry Assessment
  • Steering Ratio Analysis
  • Steering Weight Analysis
  • Brake Balance Analysis
  • Derivative Analysis. Optimises yaw response and stability at turn-in.

GSD RaceDyn can also design Multi-Rate Suspension Systems to control ride height through the speed range. This is required for cars with significant underbody generated downforce, e.g. LMP2, ground effect F1, GP2 etc. As well as this GSD RaceDyn can carry out 4/5  or 7 post ‘shaker rig’ tests. This optimises contact patch load variation but not handling balance or stability - only useful if  Package ‘A’ completed.

Aerodynamics Analysis

With Package 'A' GSD RaceDyn will provide you with base aerodynamics settings.


However, GSD RaceDyn can help you fully optimise your aerodynamics setup to achieve the most performance from your car, with both physical testing and CFD support.


GSD RaceDyn are able to conduct Aerodynamics Test Days, and aid in Wind Tunnel Testing at MIRA.



GS2 Streamlines
Data Traces

Lap Simulation & Race Strategy

With Package 'A' GSD RaceDyn will simulate a lap of an available circuit of your choice, and provide you with a laptime from the simulation.


GSD RaceDyn also offer Lap Simulation services, such as optimisation of setup, tyre pressures, gear ratios, and fuel loads.


GSD RaceDyn can also offer trackside Race Engineering services, car data analysis, and race strategy analysis.


Soon GSD RaceDyn Laptime Simulation Software will be available for purchase - more information here.

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